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Miki Mako
United States
Hi my name is Miki. I have a youtube account:

I like drawing, Dancing, Singing, Messing around with UTAU ( I can never get it to work!), Writing, eating, voice acting, and MMD videos.

I hate normal people with no personality, Spelling and Math, School, Firefox ( 1/4 of the time ^^), Hatsune Miku (Though I do like some of her songs, just not her singing them.)
Favorite JAPANESE Vocaloids ( 1 being favorite 16 being least)
1. Iroha Nekomura
2. Meiko
3. Vy1 Mizki
4. Yuki Kaai
5. SF A2 Miki
6. Gumi
7. Rin Kagamine
8. Len Kagamine
9. Luka Megurine
10. Gakupo Kamui
11. Hiyama Kiyoteru
12. Lily
13. Gachapoid
14. Piko
15. Kaito
16. Miku Hatsune
Favorite UTAU (All that I know, 1 being favorite
1. Teto Kasane
2. Ruko Yokune
3. Momo Momone
4. Uta Utane (Defoko)
5. Mako Nagone
6. Neru Akita
7. Suigira Sora (?)
8. Ritsu Nanime (?)

My first J-pop Song was:
-Special Generation by Berryz Koubou
My first anime song was: Infinity by Megumi Hayashibara :P
My first vocaloid song was:
-Koi No Fuga Meiko Sakine Cover :)
My first UTAU Song was:
- Teto Territory (lol XD)

Favourite genre of music: J-Pop
Favourite style of art: Anime, Manga


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Rose-319 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011
Hi! It's been a while. Anyways, I've met :iconcutiemomochan: and she told me that you taught her art!!!
Wat to go~ Share your arting with the world,. man!!!
Itosumika Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
lol that's my cousin!
Rose-319 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
lockedclockmadmanga Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011
Your comics rock and they're cute! I'ma watchin you! :ninja: :XD:
XXFanXofX4869XX Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2011  Student Writer
Any chance you've heard of Strawberry Panic?

And will you ever draw Ruko in a swimsuit or something? (So I can tell for certainty that she is a hermaphrodite.)
Itosumika Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011
lol, XD, Ive heard of strawberry panic, But ive never watched it!
I can send you a link to a picture, But I warned you!!! Ill send you a note!
XXFanXofX4869XX Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011  Student Writer
You oughta watch it, its pretty good!

Veoh is a video website like YouTube that has every episode. Its not very organized, though, so it'll take a bit of trial and error to find each one.

Look for vids made by these users - shizuma567 and caaarbon - and you'll have the whole series!
Itosumika Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011
LOL okay!
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Rose-319 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011
Thanks for the watch! :) I love Vocaloid and UTAU, too! :heart:
:) :D
MewYoru-nya Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010
Thanks for the :+fav: and welcome ^^
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